Road closures for Highway 2 isolate Browning

Courtesy: Matthew Johnson

Montana Department of Transportation closed roads from Marias Pass to Cut Bank on Tuesday, which means almost every road in and out of Browning is closed until further notice.

Browning school administrator Matthew Johnson said they have about 4 feet of snow, and the snow combined with high winds is causing huge drifts and whiteouts.

MDT urges everyone to stay home and to stay off closed roads.

Browning public schools were closed Tuesday due to the travel conditions.

"If you've ever been in a ground blizzard, the road just disappears and it feels like you are driving in clouds,” said Johnson. “The rumble strips are just reference points. It's scary. I know there were a lot of cars in a ditch. Our roundabout here had about three semis and six cars stuck in it at about 10 a.m. this morning."

Johnson said some cars were completely buried in snow due to the large drifts.

He told NBC Montana they are used to these weather conditions, and the strength of the Browning community sees them through the storm.

MDT officials said they do not know when the roads will be open. Once the winds die down they will get their maintenance crews out to assess.

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