Rosendale tours western Montana ahead of Tester’s weekend fundraiser

    Rosendale tours western Montana ahead of Tester’s weekend fundraiser

    Matt Rosendale toured western Montana Thursday in an effort to gain votes in his fight to take Democratic Sen. Jon Tester’s seat in November.

    Rosendale stopped at Anchor Electric. That company’s owner says President Donald Trump’s tax reform legislation helped him expand his business. Rosendale praised the measure but did say he has concerns about tariffs. He added that he thinks we’ve been losing a trade war for decades.

    “Manufacturing put on 400,000 new jobs here in the United States because the tax reform legislation, and I’m here to tell you that's one of the things Jon Tester has voted against in opposition to the desires of the people of Montana, and that is why I'm running for the United States Senate,” Rosendale said. “We’ve got somebody in Washington, D.C. , right now that has opposed the president on every single term, whether you’re talking about Supreme Court nominees, or whether you’re talking about the expansion of our economy or securing our southern border instead of having open borders and sanctuary cities. The president needs more help to implement this agenda, and he just doesn’t have it right now.”

    Tester’s team responded to our request for a statement. They say Trump has signed 18 of Tester’s bills into law. They also say Rosendale rubber stamped health insurance rate increases and voted against Montana veterans.

    “Matt Rosendale can throw on cowboy boots and a belt buckle, buy a $2 million trophy ranch, with no cattle, and call himself a rancher all he wants, but that doesn't make him a Montanan,” Tester spokesman Luke Jackson said. “Just look at his actual policies. Matt Rosendale pushed to transfer our public lands, rubber stamped health insurance rate increases, and voted against Montana veterans. He's about as Montanan as an overcooked veggie burger."

    Tester and Rosendale will face off in a debate in Missoula Sept. 29.

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