Ryan Daub named Sheriff's Posse Volunteer of the Year

    Ryan Daub was named the Sheriff's Posse Volunteer of the Year for his hundreds of hours of service. (NBC Montana photo)

    Ryan Daub clearly remembers when he was first introduced to the law enforcement field.

    “When I was in high school, I attended Kalispell’s junior reserve class,” Daub recalled. “(Kalispell Police officer) Jason Parce was the host of that. He showed me the basics of law enforcement, and really got me interested in that.”

    Daub has been hooked ever since.

    Right now, he’s getting a degree in criminal justice and working with the Flathead County Sheriff’s Posse in his free time. Daub was recently named the Flathead County Sheriff’s Posse Volunteer of the Year for his dedication to the organization.

    “I think in our community, we all want to give back,” Flathead County Sheriff Brian Heino said. “He’s doing that every day with our organizations.”

    The Sheriff’s Posse is a volunteer group that helps the sheriff’s office with many things, from event security to guarding crime scenes.

    Members put in at least 30 hours of service per year, but Daub has gone above and beyond, logging hundreds of hours of volunteer work.

    “I’ve done everything from the reserve officer training, to the fair, to call-outs for the sheriff’s office,” Daub said.

    Working with the Sheriff’s Posse is part of Daub’s path to becoming a law enforcement officer.

    “It gives them a trial period of what it’s actually like,” Heino said. “Then they can decide where they want to go in life.”

    Daub said he wants to work for a local city or county law enforcement agency.

    “I want to improve the community, to be completely honest,” he said. “It sounds really cheesy, but it’s just reaching out and talking to people, realizing what problems they have going on in their every day, and they’re not just another statistic. It’s realizing what’s going on in their lives, and why this is happening.”

    Daub said he enjoys working with the Sheriff’s Posse, and plans to continue while he finishes his degree. The sheriff’s office is happy to have him around too.

    “His professionalism and his abilities are second to none,” Heino said. “We couldn’t ask for anyone better to help out with this community.”

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