Sentinel High in Missoula investigates graffiti threat

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    Sentinel High School in Missoula investigated threatening graffiti inside the women’s bathroom in the school's main lobby on Friday, according to Hatton Littman, Communication Director for Missoula County Public Schools.

    The graffiti was reported by two students and was found during the middle of the day.

    Extra police officers were called in and maintained their presence throughout the end of the school day on Friday.

    The principal, Ted Fuller, sent out a response Friday afternoon, saying it was perceived as a low-level threat, meaning it posed little danger to students and staff.

    Dear Sentinel Community: I want to commend our students for upholding the culture we have created as Spartans and the behaviors we expect of all Sentinel students. We teach and reinforce all students to be respectful and promote belonging for all, to be responsible and assume personal ownership for our community, and to be fully engaged and present in their educational experiences. Today, I addressed our students in morning announcements. I asked them to remember our shared values (see above), to be mindful on social media about negative remarks and rumors, to tell an adult if they are concerned about someone’s behavior, and to take seriously our lock down and safety procedures. I also asked that they leave their cell phones in the classroom when using a hall pass in order to reduce inappropriate phone use and eliminate excessive unsupervised time. We successfully implemented a lock down drill that was well executed by students and staff. We did have two students report threatening graffiti within the women’s bathroom in our main lobby. This was discovered in the middle of the school day, and we immediately initiated an investigation. We also called in five additional police officers and maintained their presence through the end of the school day. Any responsible student(s) identified will be subject to discipline. Our initial assessment determined this to be a low-level threat - meaning it poses little danger to public safety. However, we do take each threat seriously and complete a full investigation and assessment. It is my honor and privilege to serve as the Spartan principal, and I will continue to do everything I can to ensure our safety as a school community. If you have further questions don’t hesitate to call me at 728-2400 ext. 7032. Thank you, Ted Fuller, Ed.D., Principal – Sentinel High School

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