Severe thunderstorms in the forecast worry residents

Image of the burn scar that potentially could cause mudslide in the Lolo burn scar.

The National Weather Service is predicting strong to severe thunderstorms with the potential for heavy rainfall tomorrow afternoon into late evening.

Homeowners in the area under the Lolo Peak Fire burn scar are worried about mudslides because vegetation is just starting to grow back on the mountainside.

Mountain roads resident Mike Hyde’s biggest concern.

“It’s really steep terrain and a lot of the root systems are down underneath,” Hyde said. “So, your talking anywhere from 1 foot to 15 feet of soil that's compromised, with its integrity, can it support it, and with that they're saying the water hits these mountainside roads and it's kind of like how much can it hold and what is going to be the straw that broke the camel’s back at this point.”

Residents in the Lolo burn scar are continuing to brace for the worst, but are hoping for the best. Having lived through fire season last year, Hyde said he’s prepared for whatever comes.

“I just trust my instincts, watch the weather and the mountain side and keep an eye out for the rain, that’s really all we can do,” Hyde said.

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