Sparks cause grass fire in Manhattan

Fire crews work on a grass fire Wednesday in Manhattan.png

In hot, dry conditions it doesn't take much to spark a grass fire, as one resident near Manhattan learned that the hard way Wednesday.

Fire crews from different parts of the Gallatin Valley responded to the grass fire around 3 p.m. The fire quickly spread into the draw on the owner's property off of Camp Creek Rd.

According to Gallatin Gateway Fire Chief Jeremiah Hillier, the owner was using a metal grinder, which caused the surrounding dry grass to spark.

The fire carried into nearby sunflower fields, but the fire chief says those plants were green, helping them extinguish the flames quickly before they spread in that area.

"One spark and that's all it takes," said Hillier.

"Any time you're working with any tool that can make a spark -- I mean even a garden shovel -- this time of year working out in the grass can cause a spark ," he said.

Also dangerous this time of year is shooting guns.

"Hitting rocks with bullets or if you're shooting at metal targets -- any time you're away from the main road, away from green vegetation, you've just got to use extreme caution," he added.

They say they want residents to be extra careful this year.

"Being all volunteer fire departments we're taxed, I mean everyone came from their work today to put this fire out,” he said.

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