State cuts developmental disability case management workers jobs


    KALISPELL, Mont. - Contracted developmental disability case management workers found out on Thursday they are losing their jobs because of state budget cuts.

    Opportunity Resources Inc. is a non-profit that serves the developmentally disabled. Their case management workers will be out of a job come April.

    The company employs 27 case management workers and eight of those workers are stationed in the Flathead Valley.

    These workers serve about 215 developmentally disabled individuals in the Flathead alone.

    Pat Grant is the lead case manager of the Opportunity Resources Kalispell office. She told NBC Montana they were shocked to find out their contracts would be up March 31.

    "This office has been here for 22 years, so now these people are going to be looking for jobs in a market that is also flooded with mental health case managers who lost their jobs," said Grant.

    Her biggest concern is with what will happen to her clients.

    State workers will be assigned ORI’s clients, but will have double the amount of clients. Now, the case managers handle about 35 clients each, but state case managers will have about 60 each.

    Grant told NBC Montana this amount of clients is too much and they will not get the attention they need.

    She says it could mean more disabled people living on the streets.

    Opportunity Resources’ director of case management Jessica Haegen says she was told in a conference call with the state on Friday there is no chance of their jobs being saved.

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