State officials recognize Elder Abuse Awareness Day

    BUTTE, Mont. - State officials recognized Elder Abuse Awareness Day Thursday and reminded financial professionals to watch over Montana's senior population. Matt Rosendale, the Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance, said this can be done by keeping an eye out for signs of elder financial exploitation and by reporting possible fraudulent activity to the right authorities. "It is important that we stay vigilant to safeguard our families and our neighbors," Rosendale said. If you think a senior is being victimized Rosendale noted some warning signs:

    The person has started showing fear or anxiety toward others. The person has moved away from certain relationships toward new acquaintances who show interest in their finances. The acquaintance often doesn't let the senior speak for themselves during a conversation. The 2017 Montana Legislature passed House Bill 24 earlier this year to help protect Montanans from exploitation.

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