Storage unit catches fire in Marion

The Marion Fire Department blocked highway 2 off a mile before the storage unit fire.

Marion Security Storage off Highway 2 caught fire Tuesday, causing fire crews to block the road off a mile away.

Residents were being turned away, including those who had personal belongings in the units.

A firefighter from the Marion Fire Department who was on the scene confirmed that ammunition and propane tanks were found inside one of the storage units.

Jes Romero, a veteran from Washington who relocated to Montana, saying he wanted to be near the mountains and wanted to get away from how 'liberal' Washington is, was planning to build a new home in Marion, was waiting at the scene hoping to get through.

He said all his possessions for the new house were in the storage, including articles he can’t replace.

“It's pretty upsetting, because I lost like a lot of military stuff, even like memories from my first and second deployment to Iraq and stuff. So it's pretty sad that people are allowed to put propane tanks in storage units,” he said.

Romero said he knew of a man who had propane tanks and ammunition stored in his unit and says that man called him to tell him his belongings were burning before hanging up.

The Marion Fire Department has not yet confirmed a cause of the fire.

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