Strengthening winds concern managers on the fire in Glacier National Park


No infra-red flight went up overnight, but technicians are publishing new operations maps for firefighters to use today on t he Howe Ridge Fire in Glacier National Park.

The north end of the fire is close to Going-to-the-Sun Road.

Fire managers are bracing for a warming trend over the next several days. The fire is expected to smolder and creep, with the possibility of wind-driven fire activity with drier weather on Thursday and Friday.

Crews continue to monitor the fire’s activity during the cool weather. Hoses, pumps and sprinklers remain in place to protect the Going-to-the-Sun Road and the facilities in the Avalanche Creek area in the event the fire spreads northeast towards those areas. Crews continue to maintain structure protection along the North Lake McDonald Road.

The Howe Ridge Fire covers more than 12,400 acres. Crews have 12% of it contained.

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