Supreme Court lets stand ruling denying Chrysler dealership

Montana Supreme Court

The Montana Supreme Court is letting stand a decision to deny a Billings auto dealership the right to sell Chrysler and Jeep vehicles based on the protest of a competitor.

Rimrock Auto Group lost its Chrysler dealership along with about 700 others when the company filed for bankruptcy in 2009.

The new Chrysler company soon awarded a Chrysler-Jeep franchise to Lithia Motors Inc., in Billings. Lithia already sold Dodge vehicles.

Rimrock challenged the loss of its franchise and was awarded a letter of intent to establish a Chrysler-Jeep franchise in Billings. However, state law allowed Lithia to oppose it.

In 2012, a state hearings examiner didn't find good cause to re-establish Rimrock as a Chrysler-Jeep franchise in Billings.

The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a state judge was correct in deciding there weren't grounds to second-guess the hearings examiner.

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