Bozeman man arrested for attempted homicide

19-year-old Jonathan Meyer of Bozeman was arrested for an attempted homicide.

Jonathan Meyer, 19, of Bozeman, was arrested Wednesday for an attempted homicide earlier this month. Meyer allegedly stabbed an unnamed victim four times in the chest on the 3300-block of Warbler Way in Bozeman Jan. 19.

An affidavit released by the police department shows Bozeman police found a Google search of “how to get blood off a knife” on Meyer’s phone. Detective Sgt. Joseph Swanson says tips and technology from the community also helped authorities find Meyer.

“A lot of people have surveillance or security systems on their home that do kind of have cameras, that see a lot of things in their neighborhood, that we normally wouldn't know about an instance like this that occurs,” Swanson said. “Especially happening in an area, west side of town, behind Costco, there's not a lot of traffic and activity that time of night."

Swanson said a majority of felony assault crimes in Bozeman are not done by strangers. Swanson told NBC Montana Meyers and the victim knew each other.

Police say the victim’s condition is improving.

Meyer is being held on a $500,000 bond at the Lewis and Clark County Detention Center in Helena.

Swanson told NBC Montana the Gallatin County Attorney’s Office will look over the case, then start prosecution.

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