Transportation officials urge caution after 13 vehicles collide with snowplows

Courtesy the Montana Department of Transportation

The Montana Department of Transportation is urging drivers to be careful around snowplows. They say there has been 13 crashes with plows on Montana highways already this 2017/18 winter season.

The department took to its Facebook page Friday posting a slideshow of the wreckage. They say drivers are going too fast and not paying attention when approaching snowplows on the highways.

Snowplows need space. They’re designed to work in the 30 to 40 mile per hour range but it’s important that drivers do not crowd them. MDT officials say plows will pull over for you in five to ten miles.

They also say it’s very important to keep in mind that plow drivers can’t always see that well. Not only are they out in the worst conditions, but sometimes the snow flies out from the plow and onto the windshield.

Plows are large and move slower than highway speeds which makes it difficult to judge distance when approaching the plow. Transportation officials say that’s why drivers should slow down immediately when you see one to avoid collision.

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