Tuition remains the same as Montana universities receive budget increase

Montana State University

On Wednesday the Montana Board of Regents approved a record $1.56 billion budget for public universities across the state.

Of that amount Montana State University will see $625 million for this fiscal year.

University officials emphasized the increased budget won't raise the tuition of MSU students or students across the state. Officials credit growing enrollment at MSU and other universities for the extra funding.

For MSU Vice President of Communications Tracy Ellig, the math is simple.

"More students means more tuition revenue being paid," said Ellig, who attended the board meeting. "Students are paying a larger and larger portion for the cost of education."

According to Ellig, students cover 71 percent of the costs to run state schools, while the state pays about 29 percent. He said in 1992 it was almost reversed. The state paid about 75 percent while students paid 25 percent.

"Some of the dorms really need some upkeep, too," said MSU freshman Kayla Kujaczynski, who welcomes the increase. "Money going to financial aid is excellent, honestly, especially for students with really sufficient needs."

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