Whitefish buses now equipped with GPS trackers


    High technology is making sure you don't miss your ride in Whitefish.

    The city's S.N.O.W. bus transit system gives out about 70,000-80,000 free rides around Whitefish and up to Whitefish Mountain Resort every year.

    The Big Mountain Commercial Association runs the bus and helps raises funds for it. Donations have kept it running for about 20 years now.

    A new GPS system can now help passengers track their mountain shuttle live.

    Big Mountain Commercial Association director Rick Cunningham told NBC Montana they have wanted a GPS for years.

    There is a phone app for GPS tracking, or the S.N.O.W. bus website has a live tracker.

    "You can see where every bus is exactly where it's at and where it's going to stop at its next destination and it's really been helpful,” said Cunningham. “I have had really good feedback from all the people that now they don't have to worry whether they're late, the bus is late. You know did they miss the bus? They know where the bus is at."

    Not only will this be helpful for the winter, but people will be able to enjoy the live tracker in the summer too.

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