Wind creates difficulty for Bozeman streets division

High weekend winds created problems for Bozeman snowplows.

High weekend winds forced Bozeman street crews to come in even earlier than their usual 3 a.m. start time Monday.

Streets superintendent Jon Vandelinder told NBC Montana the wind created snow drifts, blocking off four main roads throughout Bozeman around 1:30 a.m. Monday morning. Vandelinder said about three hours later one of the city’s plows got stuck in a snow bank.

Vandelinder said this winter is one of the worst he’s ever seen in Bozeman.

"Normally we get the town done in seven days, and we have seven to 10 days between storms. Every winter it's been like that,” Vandelinder said. “This year, it's been storm after storm, so we don't have time to finish where we started again, because the same crew that's plowing your residential street is doing the arterials and the collectors early in the morning."

Vandelinder said in the springtime crews will be sweeping more roads than ever before, thanks to a record amount of sand used this winter. He told NBC Montana some snowplow drivers have tallied more than 100 hours of overtime this season.

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