Wind rips off barn wall, donkey not injured

Debora Lay awoke early Tuesday morning to the sound of high winds. She heard a crash and discovered the wall of her equine barn had been ripped off, exposing her donkey Louise to the outdoors. Louise is fine but the barn will need some repair work.

Some Bitterroot residents awoke to the howl of high winds early Tuesday morning. By daylight they could see the full brunt of the power they packed.

Debora Lay runs an equine rescue sanctuary and rehabilitation ranch north of Corvallis.

At 12:30 a.m. Lay heard a crash and ran outside. She discovered the wind had ripped a wall of her equine shelter away, exposing her donkey Louise to the outdoors.

Lay said it was a warm night for January, and fortunately Louise was not injured.

"I saw a light kind of shining through the barn where I'm supposed to see a big solid wall," she said. "I ran over, and poor Louise and the other donkeys were in the barn, and she's in her stall still standing there. I got the doors open, and everybody ran out, and here's the wall laying on the ground."

When the sun came up Lay was chalking up the damage to her barn.

It's been a tough year for the horsewoman. Almost one year ago NBC Montana interviewed her after a late winter flood. She was pumping water out of the same barn that had its roof torn off by this year's high winds.

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