Former congressman Anthony Weiner spends Father’s Day in jail with his son

Anthony Weiner`s Mum Frances is pictured leaving the Prison where he is serving 21 months for Sexting with an under age girl.Grandparent is seen accomanying Weiner`s Son Jordon on a Father`s Day visit in Devens MA.Pictures Chris Bott

WASHINGTON (Circa) - Former New York congressman Anthony Weiner was visited by his mother Frances Finkelstein and 6-year-old son, Jordan on Father’s Day, according to

The publication snapped pictures of the two leaving the federal prison where Weiner is currently incarcerated for sexting a teenage girl. His wife and former staffer to Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign, Huma Abedin, was not present for the visit.

Huma was only present to pick the two up after their visit, according to She briefly exited the car to help her son.

The prison Weiner resides in located approximately four hours from New York City.

Finkelstein was later dropped off by Abedin at a subway station upon their return to the city.

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