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UPS apologizes to Tennessee family after truck driver runs over dog

A Dayton family says their boxer Jazzy died after being run over by a UPS truck driver. (Images courtesy Nick Shipley)
A Dayton family says their boxer Jazzy died after being run over by a UPS truck driver. (Images courtesy Nick Shipley)
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DAYTON, Tenn. (WTVC) - UPS has apologized to a Dayton, Tennessee family, and says "appropriate action" is being taken after video shows a driver for the company run over one of the family's dogs.

Last Tuesday, we spoke with the Shipley family, who said a UPS driver hit their dog Jazzy while delivering a package that they said the driver never dropped off.

The incident was captured on home surveillance video, and the Rhea County Sheriff's Office told us they are investigating it as a case of possible animal cruelty.

From security footage, you see the moment Nick Shipley realized his family’s dog was just run over.

“If I ran over your dog, I would probably call you after I got it to the vet, that's just how I am,” said Nick Shipley

However, that's not what this UPS driver did. In the video, you see the delivery man come up the Shipley’s long driveway not once, but twice.

That second time, the driver hit Jazzie, and moments later drove off.

“He left the scene of the accident,” said Shipley.

In a statement, UPS said the driver mis-delivered a package and that is why he was there twice.

The statement also said during the drop off, one of the Shipley’s dogs bit the driver.

The Shipley’s don't believe that's true.

“None of the UPS, none of the FedEx, we have mail ladies that come to our house and they'll bring packages to our door, never been bitten,’ said Shipley.

Shipley said when they originally spoke with the local UPS road supervisor, he never mentioned the driver got bit or that it was a misdelivery issue.

In the statement from UPS, it also said the driver is distraught over the situation.

“If it was an accident, you know, I'm just sorry that he you know didn't have the demeanor to come knock on the door,” said Shipley.

Shipley said if the driver dealt with things differently, he wouldn't have called UPS.

In the security video, you see Jazzie under the truck, kicking her legs just after she's hit.

“The whole thing is, she was still alive when he first hit her. He should have just stopped right there, came to my door, and we could have got her to the vet,” said Shipley.

The Shipley’s said they just want UPS to have policy’s in place for situations like this.

“I understand if somebody hit somebody's dog they may be scared but if it's between that dog’s life and them being scared the person is mad, they definitely need to come to the door immediately,” said Shipley.

This is the full statement from UPS:

“UPS has sincerely apologized to the family for this incident and is working with them to resolve the situation. The entire incident was not reflected on the family’s security camera footage. Our employee misdelivered a package that he returned to pick up, and in the process was bitten by one of the family’s dogs. Our employee is a dog lover who did not intentionally run over the dog when it was biting at the vehicle’s tires, and he is extremely distraught about the entire incident. Multiple UPS drivers have reported the dogs at this residence will chase and bite at their vehicle’s tires, although they have continued to make deliveries for the family. We are taking the appropriate action with our driver, and we are taking steps to prevent this kind of incident from happening with this family in the future.”

The Shipley’s said they've bought a security alarm for their home and ordered a security gate for their driveway.

We reached out to UPS about any policies they might have in place but we have not heard back.

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