'Plasma face-lift' uses patient's own blood

    'Plasma face-lift' uses patient's own blood. (WJAR)

    In Hollywood, it's all the rage among celebrities. In Rhode Island, a twist on the Vampire Facelift is being done at Intellectual Medicine 120 in Warwick.

    "I think a lot of people have heard about it and are interested," said 66-year-old Bonny Black, who drives more than an hour from the Cape for this procedure.

    That's the key. The procedure requires no surgery and no cutting. But it does require needles and micro-needling.

    "We take a test-tube size unit of blood," said Dr. Stephen Petteruti of Intellectual Medicine.

    He's been doing this for the last few years. After determining someone is the right candidate, blood is drawn just before the procedure.

    "Spin it down, and it separates the red blood cells from the clear part -- the plasma," said Petteruti.

    The plasma is where the platelets are concentrated.

    "The platelets have growth factors in them and healing dynamics," said Petteruti.

    That is the substance applied to your face.

    "The same stuff in athletes," said Petteruti. "It's FDA-approved for use inside of the knee to help regenerate the tissue."

    In this case, it's being used off-label to rejuvenate the face. It is applied via micro-needling and injections to your face, which means your face needs to be good and numb, first with a topical cream, and then nerve blocks.

    The plasma helps stimulate collagen and regrowth, and then there are facial fillers. All combined, giving your appearance a more youthful look.

    "Because it's your own stuff, there's really no harm done. It's your plasma. It's your collagen. No allergic reaction," said Petteruti.

    One of his patients, Kristin Disanto, used to be a sun worshipper and was noticing age spots and wrinkling. So, she looked in to it.

    "Well, I was hesitant at first. Not due to the procedure -- just that I like everything immediate and it's not immediate. It takes time," said Disanto.

    The full effects can be seen up to 12 weeks after the procedure.

    And she saw them.

    "The texture of the skin, the firmness," she said.

    "I think each time you do it, it helps your skin look a little better," said Black.

    And that's why Black said she doesn't mind the drive from the Cape

    "It made me feel better. It helped my skin," she said.

    Jennifer Mohr travels three-and-a-half hours from New Jersey for the procedure.

    "It's just something that, because it's my own blood, I felt that it was a more natural way to help look the best you can be," said Mohr.

    This face-lift, which Petteruti calls the plasma face-lift, is for people with aging skin. It costs about $3,000 but that includes the works and the procedure being done once a month for three months.

    There is also a plasma facial for younger skin that costs about $300.

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