Volleyball star’s long journey winds down as senior season wraps up

    team celebrates after a point

    It’s a been a long journey for Winnipeg native Cassie Laramee -- a journey that started when she was in the sixth grade.

    “As soon as I started in the sixth grade playing volleyball I fell in love with it and knew that's exactly what I wanted to do,” said Laramee, a senior on the University of Montana’s volleyball team.

    Laramee has loved volleyball but never imagined playing for a major university in the United States.

    “I only really looked at Canadian universities within Manitoba, because it was close to home, but then towards the end I was kind of like, ‘I’m ready to go away from home and experience something new,’” said Laramee.

    Her family of four is extremely close, and when she got the call to come to Montana she wasn’t going to leave without her family’s blessing.

    “They knew that playing college volleyball was one of my dreams, and they were like, ‘We trust you, and we believe you can do anything you put your mind to,’” said Laramee.

    During her time at the university her teams have struggled, but using that adversity her coach, Allison Lawrence, has seen her shine.

    “I think that for Cassie she went through a lot, and I’ve seen a lot of people go through this program and experience adversity, and she stands out as someone that in adversity she used it to grow and become her best self,” said Lawrence.

    Laramee has cherished her time and built life-long relationships.

    “I’ve created a bond with Ally that I know she's going to be a part of my life as long as I can remember. Through the good moments and the bad and with my teammates, I’m always going to be able to have a shoulder to cry on or someone who will always count to be on,” said Laramee.

    She doesn’t quite know what the future holds, but will remember this time in Montana fondly.

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