Twin Bozeman golfers take top two spots at State Championship


The Bozeman High School boys golf team returned home to Bozeman last week as 2018 state champions, winning their first state title in 21 years. A huge part of the team’s success are brothers Jordan and Justus Verge.

They aren't just brothers, they're twins. Jordan says people tell them apart by the freckle on the right side of his face. Justus says their a better way for people to tell them apart. He wears a Nike hat and Jordan wears TaylorMade.

Their passion for golf started at an early age.

"Whenever we came out here -- we just turned eight years old -- and we really got out playing golf a few times and we loved it," Justus said.

Fast-forward seven years later, and the boys have taken their talents to the Bozeman High golf team. They may be on the roster for the Hawks, but they aren't enrolled full time. They are taking four classes, to be exact. Two of those classes include a typing course, but most importantly, a strength and conditioning course to help build muscle for golf.

Which twin is better comes down to just a few shots.

“We are equal, it depends what day,” Justus said. “We were divided by 3 strokes throughout the whole high school season. My dad added them up."

They say the professionals that inspire them the most areJason Day and Zach Johnson, but they say are still a long way from considering professional ball.

In the meantime, you can catch them on the Valley View golf course in Bozeman, doing what they know best: golf.

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