Bozeman doctor checks in from the Olympics

Dr. Jon Wilhelm arrives in South Korea to work as a doctor for Team U.S.A at the Olympics

For Bozeman sports chiropractor Jonathon Wilhelm, the excitement of the Olympics is just beginning. He spoke with NBC Montana from his home for the next few weeks, the Olympic Village in Pyeongchang.

“We processed in Seoul with Team USA. That’s where we go and get all our really cool gear from all the sponsors like Nike, Oakley and Ralph Lauren,” Wilhelm said.

After working with the U.S. bobsled and skeleton teams for four years the team hand-picked him to go to the games. He is part of Team USA’s medical staff.

"We have an orthopedic surgeon here, an athletic trainer, massage therapist and sports chiropractor," he said.

Wilhelm will be with the bobsled and skeleton athletes through the end of the Olympics.

"We'll have daily treatment at the sports medical clinic, and we'll also be up on the hill to manage performance and deal with any injuries," he said.

For the doctor, this is the opportunity of a lifetime. He started on a path to the Olympics seven years ago.

Wilhelm said, "I was born in Circle, Montana, raised in Bozeman, and to be here among all these exceptional athletes and to be with Team USA, it’s a dream come true."

He said he is most looking forward to the opening ceremony. “I got a walking pass to walk with the athletes, so I'll be with the Team USA athletes, hopefully somewhere towards the back," Wilhelm said.

The doctor might not be up front, but he will still be wearing the red, white and blue for the United States.

"It feels great to fly our colors, to fly our flag and to represent our country well," Wilhelm said.

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