Hamilton athlete commits to Boise State for baseball

    Hunter Omlid throwing a pass in practice on the fast break.

    Hunter Omlid is a two-time all-state standout in basketball, but this multi-sport athlete is taking his talents to Boise State to play baseball.

    “I love basketball and baseball, but I feel like I fit better in baseball, just my body type,” said Omlid "

    Omlid is one of the top pitchers in Montana, even though there is no high school baseball in Montana.

    His basketball coach, Travis Blome, says it’s no surprise with how hard he works.

    “He's one of those kids I never have to get after about playing hard, he's always here to work, and he's a great teammate, and it's so fun to see him compete at this level,” said Blome.

    Omlid signed a few weeks ago, and the three-pitch pitcher (fastball, slider, change) is hoping to bring the program forward.

    “I’m excited, I think I have a lot of potential to play, I mean we don't have high school baseball in Montana, and just knowing I’m going Division I in baseball means a lot, and my coach from Boise -- we have a lot of potential,” said Omlid.

    Blome has been coaching Hunter for four years and says he has seen him mature over the years.

    “He’s really taught me about hard work and dedication. He’s had that not only in basketball but in baseball. He’s a special kid, and I’m really excited for his future, said Blome.

    Leaving his family is going to be tougher than he thought it would be, but with their support Omlid knows he’ll be able to succeed.

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