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    Reasons to Advertise

    Airing an ad both on TV and online greatly increases its effectiveness and will get your message into the minds of thousands of potential customers at once, building awareness of and desire for your product or service.

    Here are just a few ways advertising on television and online can start improving your sales:

    • Advertising creates traffic. Continuous traffic is the first step toward increasing sales and expanding your base of clients.
    • Advertising attracts new clients. Newcomers to your area, new income, lifestyle changes and changing buying habits mean new clients to reach.
    • Advertising encourages repeat business and generates continuous business.
    • With mobility and freedom of choice, clients don’t have the loyalty to a single business as they once did.
    • Businesses must promote to get their former customers to return and seek new ones.
    • As long as you’re in business, you’ve got overhead to meet and new people to reach. Television can generate traffic now and in the future.
    • Advertising keeps you competitive.You must advertise or expand your market share or you will lose to more aggressive competitors.
    • Advertising keeps your business top-of-mind. Many people go from store to store comparing prices, quality and service. Advertising must reach them steadily throughout the entire decision making process.
    • Advertising is an investment in success. Television advertising gives you a long term advantage over competitors who cut back or cancel advertising. Studies show advertisers utilizing television are considered more successful by the viewers.
    • Businesses that succeed are usually strong, steady advertisers on all platforms, online and television. The most aggressive and consistent advertisers are almost invariably the most successful.

    Want to find out how advertising on NBC Montana can start improving your sales? Please contact us at 406-721-2063.

    KECI-KCFW-KTVM covers roughly 45% of Montana

    NBC Montana's coverage roughly 45% of Montana. With broadcast television stations in Missoula, Butte, Kalispell and Bozeman we reach over 175,000 TV households within these designated markets areas.

    In addition, coverage extends into northwest Montana and portions of Canada and south to Salmon, Idaho.

    Seven counties form the Missoula television market (market rank 166).

    Missoula and Flathead counties are the largest making up 68% of the DMA's total TV households. KECI-13 and KCFW-9 out-deliver the nearest competitor in Missoula and Flathead counties.

    KTVM's Butte-Bozeman television market (market rank 190) also consists of seven counties covering over 65,000 TV households. Gallatin and Silverbow are the largest counties.

    Combined, they represent 74% of the DMA's total TV households. (Source: NSI, May '10)With the help of 30 translators, the group provides the only Montana television signal available to viewers in Libby and Eureka (Lincoln County), Thompson Falls (Sanders County), Coram, West Glacier and Hungry Horse (Flathead County).KECI and its sister stations all offer programming in high definition and 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound, providing viewers with the highest quality picture and sound imaginablebetter than cable, better than digital cable and better than satellite.

    Commercial Production

    Do you have a great product and a great story to tell? Attaining a winning voice with customers in today's media landscape is more difficult than ever, but we can help.

    To grow your business effectively in this fragmented environment, you need the power of KECI's creative services. Our primetime programming delivers more of your targeted customers than the top 20 cable nets combined. And in addition to being the leading broadcast network in western Montana. We hold a considerable advantage in commercial production, with over 30 years combined experience among our producers we are confident you will be satisfied with your locally produced commercial.

    Your creative team of award-winning commercial producers and your account executives is the perfect combination to ensure that your brand is top-of-mind for the largest possible number of "ready-to-buy" consumers.

    To learn more about how we can help you reach your marketing and sales goals, e-mail or give Scott or Doug a call at 406-721-2063 in Missoula. If you are from the Bozeman area call Travis at 406-586-0296 or email them at

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